Smart Security Systems

We’ve spared no expense in outfitting our facility with premium security features

SpiderDoor Smart Alarms

Individual unit alarms and gate access technology

Our select storage units have individual unit alarms that can alert you and our team if your unit is accessed! These unit alarms by SpiderDoor give you peace of mind knowing that your stuff will be exactly as you left it - just download the app.

Individual unit alarms are the pinnacle of self storage security, but we’ve got far more than that! Our facility is protected by quality lighting, also-on security cameras, fencing, and more. To top it all off, the sheriff’s office is right across the street!

Unbeatable Security

We strive to ensure our facility is always safe and welcoming

Bright Lighting

Our facility is always well-lit, so you don’t have to worry about anyone lurking in the shadows when you visit your unit.

Video Recording

30+ high-definition surveillance cameras are always recording on the property, which deters thieves, vandals, and other unwelcome guests

SpiderDoor Access

Access to our facility is restricted by our fencing and coded-access gate. Use the SpiderDoor app to gain access. Only our tenants and management have access to the facility.

Regular Pest Control

We aim to keep your belongings safe from a wide range of dangers, including creepy crawlies! Regular pest control keeps bugs and rodents away from our storage units.

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